As employee owners, we work together to ensure the continued success of CRMI. We provide quality claims handling with special attention given to each claim file based on its own merits.

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Darilyn David

Executive Adjuster


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Erika Floyd

Senior Claims Analyst


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Michael T McElvaney

Senior Claims Analyst


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Kathy Wilder

Senior Claims Analyst


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Sheila Confer

Claims Analyst


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Kevin Cowger

Claims Analyst


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Jessica Davy

Claims Analyst


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Elida Delgado

Claims Analyst


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Ann Feeney

Claims Analyst


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Dana Garza

Claims Analyst


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Julio Gaspar

Claims Analyst


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Dave Karch

Claims Analyst


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Daisy Lopez

Claims Analyst


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Kenneth Moore

Claims Analyst


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Susanne O'Keefe

Claims Analyst


Premises Liability

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CRMI manages general liability claims involving General Contractors and Subcontractors, with claims ranging from single home remodel jobs to major residential and/or commercial developments. In addition, CRMI manages claims against major retailers and children's entertainment facilities which can involve very minor claims, as well as significant injury claims. 

Premises/General Liabiltiy claims require CRMI's staff to be knowledgeable in the variances by state.

Additional Insureds

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Once it is determined a person or organization qualifies as an additional insured, CRMI manages the split file for some clients as an independent adjusting service and for others as part of the program administration. CRMI has obtained significant savings for its clients with aggressive pursuit of contribution from other carriers or parties, paying close attention to the invoices and reasonableness of the charges, as well as managing and tracking payments made to ensure the correct allocation.

Construction Defect


Construction defect claims represent an ever changing area of litigation, with each state having its own laws and regulations. CRMI is licensed nationwide and ensures all claims are evaluated on a case by case basis, with a proactive approach to investigating coverage and liability, pursuing contribution from other carriers and other potentially responsible parties, working with defense counsel to ensure the best defense is provided without breaking the bank, and resolving claims as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Run Off Management

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CRMI assists clients with the run off of discontinued business.  When a book of business is in run off, it may not be cost effective for an insurer to maintain its own claims department. CRMI provides Third Party Administrative services for run off business, managing the claims and financials, providing 24/7 online access to our clients and resolving claims as quickly and efficiently as possible.