Billing Philosophy

As claim professionals, who also pay vendor bills, we are always sensitive to the importance of accurate, fair billing practices. Consequently, we have adopted a billing philosophy that we hope our clients will find is both easy to understand and fair.

Lower fees might actually be costing you more money.

Actual Time Spent - No hidden chargesBilled TimeTime billed per page of letters and reports, and supplemented with clerical tasks and other overhead
Actual Expense - You are charged exactly what we have paidExpenseExpenses plus overhead
No charge for travel time outside of business hoursAmount BilledNo limit to time charged.

Many independent adjusters advertise low hourly rates and then supplement those “low” rates by adding charges for such items as “overhead,” “clerical,” “word processing,” “file set up,” etc. Such “overhead” charges add anywhere from 20% to 50% to advertised hourly rates.

CRMI puts the clients' needs first by auditing claim files and bills, by having procedures in place that ensure all employees are on the same page when it comes to billing, and management is updated on the status of each claim every 90 days or less.  Our Billing Philosophy makes us more affordable and ensures the integrity that this company was founded on remains constant.

Hourly Rates

When we quote an hourly rate, that is the rate that we actually charge.  The only add-ons you will find on our bills are for actual out-of-pocket expenses, such as parking, police reports, actual mileage (at the IRS allowed rate), etc. We add no mark-up to out-of-pocket expenses. You are charged exactly what we have paid!

Just as important as the rate, is the number of hours billed. Our billing reflects actual time spent, or less depending on the activity performed.  We do not bill for travel outside of normal business hours.

Flat Rates

Depending on the nature and volume of claims, a flat rate might be an option. Working with CRMI will ensure that a flat rate per file agreement does not result in an overloaded pending in order to earn more profit. When a claims analyst is assigned more claims than reasonable, less time can be spent on each claim, and more things are missed. As a result, any potential savings received based on the flat rate are negated by more potential exposure on claims.

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