Claims Handling Philosophy

We believe that the best way to get the full story, evaluate the damages, and fairly resolve claims is person to person. We strongly believe in a pro-active approach to claims. Experience has shown us that the only way to achieve appropriate, cost-effective resolution of claims is to promptly and thoroughly investigate, and aggressively pursue resolution.

It is the rare claim that gets better with age!

So, when a claim is reported to Claims Resource Management, Inc., you can expect the following to occur:

  1. Prompt contact with the insured and the claimant - same day contact whenever possible.
  2. Necessary investigation performed early - before memories fade and while damage is available to be inspected. We will meet with insureds, claimants and witnesses, where appropriate, for interviews and statements.
  3. Consider all issues bearing on liability for third party claims, evaluating all appropriate defenses.
  4. Resolve the claim quickly and fairly.

CRMI employs experienced claim professionals, and our management supervises the claims staff closely to ensure that our standards and goals are more than just a promise. Please contact us with any questions.