Auditing Services

Audit Capabilities

(Excess, Self-Insured And Reinsurance)

Sacrificing valuable claim personnel to perform the occasional audit is not a practical solution and the expense of having an in-house audit staff can be prohibitive. In addition, many auditors have not handled claim files for years.

With our extensive claims experience, CRMI will hit the ground auditing. No time will be wasted and, because an audit is more than the sum of its files, we will give you something that no by-the-numbers auditor can: the big-picture perspective. Our summary will let you know exactly where you stand and what needs to be done.

Your ProblemOur Solution
You are an excess carrier, and a primary carrier tells you that its products aggregate is just days away from exhausting. Your staff is already working at capacity and cannot possibly absorb 50 new primary files at once, much less audit to confirm that the exhaustion is valid.CRMI will audit the primary's files to confirm exhaustion. We will arrange for the transfer of the files, handle the initial review, the prioritizing of files, and assume the handling of the claims, depending on your needs.
You are a reinsurer. Your underwriting is getting ready to quote a renewal of a casualty excess of loss treaty for an insurer located two states away. You need a detailed audit of their pending claims and your staff is two people short.CRMI will have experienced claims professionals at the company within days, and a detailed analysis of the pending claims and of the operations of the insurer will be in your hands well before the deadline.
You are responsible for the claims of a large corporation, which is self-insured for its liability exposures. Senior management is concerned about the adverse development of the three and four year old claims, and now wants an immediate explanation and proposed solution.CRMI will audit the claims handling service, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and provide reserve analysis, identification of serious cases, and individual case monitoring, as well as consultation on the revamping of the claims operation.